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What is INAM Pro?
INAM-Pro (Infrastructure & Material Providers) is a web based application for Infrastructure and Materials Providers and acts as a common platform for infrastructure material provider’s viz. cement companies, infrastructure providers, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and other stakeholders.
What is the purpose of INAM Pro Web Portal ?
INAM-Pro web portal facilitates contractors/buyers engaged in executing the projects to place orders online with the registered companies offering varieties of materials and equipments at competitive rates. INAM-Pro also aims at matching demand with supply, cutting down delays by timely supply of material and providing for online payments, mitigating cost overruns due to price hedging through ceiling price mechanism. It also promotes transparency in the market due to publicly visible prices.
How can we benefit from the portal?
INAM-Pro makes it very convenient for the prospective buyers to procure materials at reasonable rates in a transparent manner. This reduces time and effort and helps in increasing efficiency in procurement of construction materials as one could place orders, obtain price quotes and track them in swift manner on this portal. The publicly visible prices promote transparency and enhance the ease of doing business.  The portal can be used for requesting quotations, procuring materials, equipment and services. As any seller on INAM-Pro can generate his quote multiple times through the system, buyers can negotiate even after receiving quotations. INAM-Pro is also equipped with online payment gateway which is free of charge. Buyers can use this facility for cashless transactions.
How can we register on INAM-Pro portal?
The registration process on INAM-Pro portal is simple and user friendly. Please follow these steps to get registered on INAM-Pro portal.

1. Visit
2. Register Buyer/Register Seller options are available on top of the Home page.
3. To get registered as a Seller on INAM-Pro, click on Register Seller option.
4. To get registered as a Buyer on INAM-Pro, click on Register Buyer option.
5. A registration form will be available. Fill the basic details in the registration form and submit.
6. Once registered, login id and password will be sent to your registered email id.
Are there any conditions and charges for registration on the portal?
The conditions applicable for registration on INAM-Pro portal are:

Conditions for sellers:
A product listing policy has been uploaded on portal and is also available on registration page of sellers. Sellers are requested to go through the policy before creating any product in the system.

Conditions for buyers:
The only condition for buyers is that they must be registered on INAM-Pro portal.

Registration on INAM-Pro portal is free of charge.
Are the prices listed in the Advertisement Ex-Factory?
The Prices listed in the Advertisement are not Ex-factory. However, Prices for cement are Ex-factory. A buyer has the flexibility to choose pick up option while placing quote. In case, the buyer chooses to pick up the products, he is requested to manage logistics on his own. In case, the buyer chooses delivery option, the seller may propose transportation costs in his quotations while placing quote request.
I have forgotten Username and Password. How can I retrieve it?
If you have forgotten Username: Please email us your request at from your registered email id or call us at our toll free number 1800 200 3399.

If you have forgotten Password: A link has been provided on login page from where a user can retrieve password automatically through the registered email id.
How can I update my profile?
To update your profile, click on “edit profile” and make necessary changes as required.
What is the minimum order quantity?
For purchasing cement, a buyer needs to place order request for at least 2000 bags (50kg) or 100 metric ton. For any other material or equipment, a buyer is requested to go through the conditions mentioned by the sellers.
How do I add products in my profile and list their prices?
Once logged in, a seller can use menu located on left side to add products as per its category. Any product created by you will not be visible to public or buyers until the following information is provided.
(a). Add Product:Basic details of product related brochures, technical specifications etc. A product id will be generated in the product list.
(b). Add Variant: In product list page, click on “Variants” and add different sizes with their images of that product as variants and submit. An SKU number will be generated in variants list.
(c). Add Plant: Enter details of your plant/branch/warehouse etc. along with their location details so that any buyer can estimate final cost as transportation is an important factor.
(d). Add stock: In GRN (stock) tab user can enter his production capacity for available stock.
(e). Add price: once variant, plant and stock are entered into system, users should go to variants page and click on “offer price” where he can enter price and related applicable tax. After completing these steps, the variants shall become visible to buyers.
Can a buyer order cement quantity in advance?
Yes, a buyer can order cement quantity in advance. For this a buyer needs to share the delivery schedule with the cement company as per the requirements and the company will give their schedule based on stocks available with them.
On what basis the rates given on the portal may change?
The rates given on the portal may change. The companies have been given flexibility to increase/decrease their quoted prices depending upon the market trends.
What is the minimum time that Cement Company will take after order is confirmed?
A buyer is requested to communicate with the company. The company will respond based on the stock availability, payment terms and conditions and transporters’ details.
What is the helpline in case of any queries?
In case of any queries, you can reach us on our toll free number 1800 200 3399. You can also email us your queries on
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